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Our Members

Whether you were raised in a Jewish tradition, married someone Jewish or discovered Judaism as an adult, everyone is welcome at Kol Hadash.



Nancy & Mike and Family

Nancy and Mike live in Geneva, Illinois. While on vacation, they heard Rabbi Chalom speak. At the time, they belonged to a Reconstructionist congregation, but after their conversation with Rabbi Chalom, they joined Kol Hadash. They don't even mind driving one hour each way to bring their son to Sunday School.


Leah & Helga and Family

Leah belonged to a Conservative synagogue but left disillusioned and had been unaffiliated for quite a few years. She and Helga attended several Kol Hadash High Holiday Family Services with their son and found that the services resonated with them. Our philosophy feels true to both their individual beliefs and family structure. They live in Highland Park.


Emma & Tony

Emma was raised Catholic but discovered that her family had hidden Jewish roots. Tony was also raised Catholic but never felt connected to the Church. They started visiting different Jewish congregations in the hopes of making a connection to Judaism. They found that Kol Hadash’s liturgy, music and community were the perfect fit. Emma and Tony live in Highwood.



Irene & Al

Irene and Al came to High Holiday services to see if Humanistic Judaism was right for them. They were both brought up Reform and they raised their two children Reform, but they wanted a congregation that focused on how to be Jewish in today's world. They live in Buffalo Grove.



Cindi joined Kol Hadash in 2020. She’s met Rabbi Adam and other members of the congregation only via our online Zoom programming. When the pandemic is over, Cindi’s online involvement probably won’t change, since she lives in North Carolina.


Alisa & Bruce and Family

Alisa grew up in a Reform congregation that never felt quite right for her, and Bruce attended a Conservative congregation. Their first visit to Kol Hadash was a Confirmation service. They were impressed with what the students had to say and hoped their own children would be as thoughtful when they reached that age. They live in Deerfield.


Sandra & William

William and Sandra discovered Kol Hadash when they were looking for an officiant for their wedding who would celebrate Sandra’s Jewish heritage and their shared Humanistic beliefs and values. They chose Rabbi Chalom, and then decided to also check out Kol Hadash as a community. They became members a few months after their wedding. They live in Palatine.


Dori & Chet

Twenty-three years ago, after decades of wandering in a spiritual desert, Dori and Chet found Humanistic Judaism. They were delighted to join Kol Hadash in 2008. Rabbi Adam has been a much-appreciated gift in their lives. His wisdom, sensitivity, knowledge and humor have been inspirational and have helped to bring Judaism into their lives in a way they can embrace. 



Michelle & Family

Michelle decided to join Kol Hadash after attending a number of our events and feeling that Kol Hadash is a good place to put down roots. She lives in Deerfield with her daughter.



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