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Upcoming Events

December 2, 2020

Hanukkah Gift Giving Program
The Kol Hadash Values in Action Committee is collecting gifts for needy children and their families by participating in the Community Alternatives Unlimited holiday giveaway program. You can drop off your gifts from Sunday, December 6 through Sunday, December 13. Questions? Please contact Glynis Hirsch at  and  see this flyer for a list of gift ideas.

Annual Appeal
Thank you for your continued connection to Kol Hadash. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for linking hands and hearts and helping this community survive and thrive in the strangest of times. Thank you if you've already donated to our end of the year appeal we mailed.

During this difficult time, we need each other more than ever. We are fighting the pandemic – and we are fighting loneliness, disconnection, and more. Thank you for bridging the distance by connecting with the Kol Hadash community
We know that economic uncertainty continues. So this annual appeal message looks a little different than those in the past. Kol Hadash needs your support, too. This community lives on the good will, participation, and generosity of its members: you!

If you can help, we need you. If you can do something, your participation matters. If you can donate, that money will allow us to keep creating programs and events that connect, inspire, and enlighten us.
So as we reach the end of a very tumultuous 2020, we thank you for your contributions, participation, and support.

Sunday School (online)
Sunday, December 6, 9:30am
-9:30-10:30 Kindergarten/1st Grade Class, Ms. Burk
-9:30-11:00 2nd/3rd Grade Class, Ms. Jackson
-9:30-11:30 4th/5th Grade Class, Mr. Burk
-9:30-11:30 6th/7th Grade (includes Sunday School Class with Mr. Friedman + Mitzvah Prep Class with Rabbi Adam)
-9:30-11:30 8th/9th/10th Grade Confirmation Class, Mr. Hirsch and Ms. Samlan

Sunday Dec 13 — Mark Your Calendars

-9:30-10:00 Virtual Preschool Jewish Discovery: Hanukkah
Free monthly enrichment class open to everyone! Children ages 2-6 with a grown up join Rabbi Adam Chalom and experienced preschool teacher Lynn Miller as they explore a Jewish holiday or cultural value along with interactive songs, books and hands-on activities. At-home resources will also be provided.

-9:30-10:15 Virtual Sunday School for Grades K-10

-10:15-11:15 Virtual Family Hanukkah Celebration
Our whole School will come together with their families to celebrate Hanukkah together! Families will rotate through Zoom Breakout Rooms, chatting about their own holiday customs. Expect to hear traditional, modern and unique ideas as you get to know other Sunday School families

Adult Education: The Books of the Maccabees
Sunday, December 6, 9:30am
Returning from exile in Babylonia, the Jewish state in the Persian Empire is re-established without a new king; it is ruled by priests from a rebuilt Jerusalem Temple. But (surprise!) Jews can’t agree on how to practice “true” Judaism – thus the Jewish “joy of sects” in Late Antiquity.

If you have missed past sessions, you can view them by following this link.

Feldenkrais Class
Monday, December 7, 1:30pm
Join our omen's Chat Group for a Feldenkrais class lead by Joyce Hirsch.

Feldenkrais is a method that improves each person’s awareness for moving with ease and thus reducing stress and anxiety. The results are feelings of calmness and possibilities. Joyce will be offering a Feldenkrais lesson every other Monday at 1:30 pm. These are easy gentle lessons, on a chair or lying on the floor. The result is relaxation and easier more coordinated movement. We hope that you will join us and learn how your body can feel better through these difficult times.

Contact Joyce Hirsch for more information at


Adult Education: Greeks and Maccabees
Tuesday, December 8, 7:30pm
Imagine a Judaism that draws on the best of contemporary philosophy; has deep connections to surrounding non-Jewish culture; and celebrates Judaism in the language everyone already speaks. No, this is not us! Rather, it was Hellenistic Judaism, the variety of Judaism we would have chosen 2,000 years ago . . . and exactly the variety the Maccabees most hated.

If you have missed past sessions, you can view them by following this link.


Movie Club: The Big Sleep
Sunday, December 13, 4:00pm
Watch the movie The Big Sleep (1946) on your own, then we'll come together virtually for the discussion.

Values in Action at Highwood Food Bank
Friday, December 18, 2:45pm
Join us at the Highwood Food Bank as we load groceries into cars. The Highwood Food Bank has permanently moved to the Fort Sheridan Metra Station, south of the corner of Sheridan Road and Old Elm Road, east side of the tracks. Volunteers will park west of the Starbucks in spaces facing the tracks (no cost to park). 

Email if you are interested in volunteering with us, or have any questions.
Wed, December 2 2020 16 Kislev 5781