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		                                    Celebrate Jewish culture in a meaningful way		                                </span>
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		                                    We believe in the power of people		                                </span>
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		                                    A relevant Jewish education for the next generation		                                </span>
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		                                    Connect with like-minded people who do not think alike		                                </span>
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		                                    Live in harmony with what you believe		                                </span>

Doing Jewish Differently

We celebrate Jewish identity and culture by replacing worship with human responsibility and equality.


People not Prayer

Human beings have the intelligence and wisdom to determine the purpose and course of their lives, free of supernatural guidance.


Welcoming Intercultural Families and LGBTQIA+

Everyone should celebrate who they are, including intercultural families who feel connected to both Jewish and other religious or cultural heritages.


Engaging Rabbi

"To be Jewish is to be an heir to Jewish tradition, not a museum curator. The tradition is ours to adapt and use consistent with our values and beliefs." -- Rabbi Adam Chalom


Customized B Mitzvahs

Instead of being assigned the weekly Torah portion, we empower our students to think for themselves and choose their reading from the Torah or other Jewish literature based on their interests and inspiration.


Meaningful Holiday Celebrations

Instead of doing things because "that's the way they've always been done," we explore the meaning behind holiday traditions and adapt them for today.


Innovative Membership Model

Money should not matter in finding a meaningful connection. Members freely choose their annual financial contribution, another example of how we "say what we mean and mean what we say."



Please join us for our upcoming events

Guests are always welcome!

Upcoming Events

All Events
  • Thursday ,
    DecDecember  1 , 2022
    Steering Committee Meeting

    Thursday, Dec 1st 7:30p to 9:00p
    The Steering Committee meets monthly. Members are welcome to attend Steering Committee meetings; contact chair Victoria Ratnaswamy at if you wish to attend or if you have questions.


  • Friday ,
    DecDecember  2 , 2022
    Shabbat Service: Women in the torah

    Friday, Dec 2nd 7:30p to 9:00p
    This week's Torah portion, "Vayetzei" (Genesis 28:10-32:3) dramatizes the limitations of women in the Torah as daughters, wives and mothers. Contemporary Jewish feminists have tried to reclaim the "matriarchs" of the Jewish nation, yet the power and pathos of the original remains all too relevant.


  • Sunday ,
    DecDecember  4 , 2022
    Sunday School

    Sunday, Dec 4th 9:30a to 11:30a


  • Sunday ,
    DecDecember  4 , 2022
    Confirmation Class Field Trip: North Shore Unitarian Church

    Sunday, Dec 4th 9:30a to 11:30a


  • Monday ,
    DecDecember  5 , 2022
    Women's Group: Canasta

    Monday, Dec 5th 1:30p to 2:00p
    If you like to kibbitz, come to canasta. You like the company of other awesome Kol Hadash women. All are welcome. For more information about all WE Group activities, contact Joyce Hirsch (



Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783