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Hebrew Learning

As cultural Jews, our focus is on comprehension of Hebrew language rather than
reciting Hebrew prayers by rote without understanding.

Hebrew is the first and most universal Jewish language – it even lends its alphabet to Yiddish, Ladino and other Jewish languages. Familiarity with Hebrew music, holiday names, Jewish vocabulary and even a little grammar opens future opportunities for deepening Jewish learning and connections. At Kol Hadash, we include Hebrew songs and Jewish vocabulary throughout our Youth Learning programs. Everything from “Rosh Hashana” (Head of the Year) to “Seder” (order) are opportunities to learn Hebrew language as well as Jewish culture. Formal Hebrew language study begins in 5th grade.

 8 Ways We Do Hebrew Learning Differently

1. Fifth Grade students begin learning to read Hebrew with personalized one-on-one instruction in Hebrew letters and vowels in half-hour tutoring sessions. Students learn much more effectively with individual tutoring sessions tailored to them.

2. Individual tutoring sessions are scheduled directly with the tutor to fit with each family’s schedule. This works well with extra-curricular activities, sports, and other commitments.

3. Rabbi Chalom personally teaches our B Mitzvah ( a gender-inclusive term for Bar or Bat Mitzvah) Prep Class for Sixth Grade students to deepen their knowledge of Hebrew conversation, vocabulary and grammar. 

4. Our B Mitzvah Prep Class is conveniently scheduled on Sunday mornings for 30 minutes prior to Sunday School so students don’t have to come to Hebrew class on a different day. 

5. Students learn how a Humanistic B Mitzvah is different from other Jewish denominations’ liturgy and practices so they understand what they will experience elsewhere and what is special about our approach.

6. Students choose their B Mitzvah Hebrew readings in consultation with Rabbi Chalom and explore what the text actually means. Whether their presentation is a commentary on a self-selected Torah passage (not limited by the calendar) or exploring a topic or issue from the Jewish experience, understanding their Hebrew reading is an essential part of the process.  

7. Starting 20 weeks before the celebration, students work individually with our Hebrew tutor so they are well prepared and confident in their delivery.

8. Our school provides a non-theistic Jewish education for students whose families identify as Culturally Jewish, Just Jewish, Jew-ish, Jewish and . . . , Half-Jewish, Interfaith, Jews by Choice, Multicultural, Not Religious, Secular, Humanistic, Atheist, and/or Agnostic.

See more about B Mitzvah Hebrew readings on our B Mitzvah page.

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