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Life Cycle

Humanistic Judaism meets human needs, and there are few more essential human needs than meaningful celebrations at life’s important moments. The birth of a child, growing towards
maturity, creating new loving partnerships, and the end of life are all moments to experience
beauty, Jewish connections, and human aspirations and achievements.

At Kol Hadash, celebrations of life are created with and for the families observing them. They are personal and personalized, rooted in Jewish traditions but not limited by them, open to today’s diversity of Jewish experiences and families, and deeply moving. Explore more about how we “do Jewish celebrations of life differently” through the links below.


Humanistic Jewish babynamings are a beautiful way to celebrate new arrivals. They are co-created with the parents to be meaningful and are open to celebrating multiple family cultures in one ceremony. They are fully gender inclusive, egalitarian and affirming. Learn more about Humanistic Jewish Babynamings.


B Mitzvah

Our B Mitzvahs (a gender-inclusive term covering Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah) are profoundly personal: students may select any Torah portion or another relevant topic for their presentation, and families work with our rabbi to create a custom service. Giving students ownership over their B Mitzvah celebration is consistent with our Sunday School’s goal of fostering critical thinking and encouraging students to make their own Jewish choices. Learn more about our unique B Mitzvah experience.



Our 8th-9th grade Confirmation program helps students answer the key question, “What do I believe?” The Comparative Religion curriculum opens their eyes to the wider world while helping them clarify their own values. Learning how to ask good questions is just as important as knowing your own answers. Learn more about our Confirmation.



Humanistic Judaism has always recognized the right to freely choose one’s marriage partners, and has always respected the differing backgrounds and cultures of each partner. Humanistic Jewish wedding ceremonies incorporate traditions the couple finds meaningful, create opportunities for personal creativity and expression, and are a moving moment for loving partnerships. Learn more about Humanistic Jewish Weddings.



A Humanistic Jewish funeral or memorial service is a celebration of life, remembering the departed while meeting the needs of the survivors for comfort and consolation. Through poetry and music, reflection and stories, Humanistic Judaism’s secular alternative to conventional prayers and divine praise is often more meaningful because it reflects our beliefs, lived experience and feelings of loss. Learn more about Humanistic Jewish funerals and Memorial Services.


Becoming Jewish

Humanistic Judaism welcomes people at any stage of life who want to celebrate Jewish culture through our secular approach. No theological affirmations required! Just as those born Jewish have a wide range of theological and ritual expressions, so too can those who become part of the Jewish people. Learn more about Becoming Jewish.


Life’s Challenges

Kol Hadash is a caring community that both provides cultural and intellectual community, and also supports the emotional needs of its members. Rabbi Chalom is a sensitive and generous counselor with an open ear and a warm heart. Learn more about how Kol Hadash cares for its members through Life’s Challenges.

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