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Life Challenges

“Since life is unfair, since the fates are unjust, we have to make up for it. We have to bring some order into this moral chaos. In defiance of an uncaring destiny, we shall strive to be fair. In the face of an indifferent universe, we shall work to be just.”   --Rabbi Sherwin Wine

Life is full of challenges. Work, health, family, stress: there are many reasons why we might need the support of others and our community. Facing these challenges without promises of ultimate reward or miraculous intervention can be challenging, even if we rationally accept that this is a more realistic way to approach life. While we can draw strength from our courage to face life without guarantees, we also need the power of hope and the love of others.

Kol Hadash is a caring community that both provides cultural and intellectual community and supports the emotional needs of its members. Rabbi Chalom is a sensitive and generous counselor with an open ear and a warm heart. Our Helping Hands committee can provide a ride to a doctor’s appointment, a grocery run, or help setting up a shiva post-funeral reception while the family is participating in the memorial. Our confidential Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund can help pay for outstanding medical or utility bills to help those in need get back on their feet. And our regular “simchas and tsuris” [joys and difficulties] sharing at Shabbat services creates a space to express one’s experiences and receive community encouragement.

If Kol Hadash members feel the need for this kind of support, they are always welcome to be in touch with Rabbi Adam Chalom by phone (847-602-4500) or email ( 

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