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Adult Learning

At Kol Hadash, the goal of adult education is to help our members be well-rounded people, rooted in Jewish identity while open to the world around us. This is why our curriculum is not limited to Judaism. Philosophy, history, comparative religion, current events, literature, and science round out our weekly and episodic offerings.

If you have questions or would like more information, please contact our Administrator Jeremy Owens at or call 847-383-5184


Jewish Philosophy They Didn't

Teach in Sunday School

An introduction to Jewish Culture is being taught by Rabbi Adam Chalom online (an in-person on Zoom) from fall 2021 to spring 2022. See this flyer for more information and a complete schedule of classes. Since these classes are offered on Zoom, you can see recordings of them on this playlist. Feel free to watch particular topics or the entire series!

You can also view last year's Introduction Jewish History session on this playlist




Jewish Culture Beyond Bagels

Join us for an introduction to Jewish Culture taught by Rabbi Adam Chalom. Classes will be held on select Tuesday evenings, 7:30-8:30 PM at the North Shore Unitarian Church and simultaneously online. Everyone is welcome to jump in and attend any class session or all of them. There is no charge for classes, and the general public is very welcome to attend.


Philosophy of Secular

Humanistic Judaism 2022-2023

These classes will be held on select Tuesday evenings. You can see video from some class sessions held online in Spring 2020 on this playlist.

Sunday Morning Adult Learning

Learning never ends! Drop in for stimulating conversation led by Rabbi Chalom on a variety of topics through the year: history, philosophy, culture, and current events. Everyone is welcome with no charge, whether you have school-age children or not.

Mon, September 25 2023 10 Tishrei 5784