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Contributing Membership Guidance

Kol Hadash welcomes everyone, regardless of ability to contribute financially. If you select Contributing Membership, please consider the following per-household costs and suggested guidelines when you decide how much to pledge.

  • If you do not feel comfortable with a Family Supporting Membership, we suggest a minimum pledge of $1775 to cover the core, non-school activities of the congregation ($1300)—Rabbi Chalom as a full-time rabbi, facility rental, music for services, etc.—and the associated administrative costs ($475).

  • If you intend to enroll a child in Sunday school, we suggest a minimum membership pledge of $2150. This amount, plus your Sunday school fees of ~$500, covers the ~$2650 per student that Kol Hadash invests in the Sunday school. As in most Sunday schools, the congregation subsidizes this investment in the future of Humanistic Judaism. (The $675 shown in the chart above is the total cost of the school divided by all member households; $2650 is the cost of the school divided by the number of students.)

  • If you are primarily interested in High Holiday services, we suggest a minimum pledge of $600 per family. This amount equals what we charged a non-member family to attend High Holiday services, plus our per-member fees to the Society for Humanistic Judaism.

  • If this is your first year at Kol Hadash and you are unable to afford a higher amount, we suggest a minimum pledge of $365—$1 per day.

  • At minimum, we ask for a commitment of at least $125 to cover our marginal out-of-pocket costs for each member (dues to the Society for Humanistic Judaism, plus printing, postage).

Whatever amount you choose,

everyone is welcome in our community.


If you have any questions, please contact Jeremy in the office at or call (847) 383-5184

Thu, April 18 2024 10 Nisan 5784