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Genuinely Welcoming

Our motto, “Doing Jewish Differently,” applies to our long history of welcoming everyone. We want to celebrate Jewish life with our full and true selves in all our diversities.

  • WE EMBRACE THE REALITY OF INTERCULTURAL MARRIAGE by fully celebrating everyone’s life partner and their family. Children of intercultural families can be both Jewish and something else, rather than either/or.

  • WE ACTIVELY WELCOME LGBTQIA+ INDIVIDUALS AND FAMILIES, firmly believing that everyone should affirm and celebrate who they are.

  • WE ELIMINATE FINANCIAL BARRIERS by allowing every member to freely choose their annual financial commitment

  • WE PROVIDE A HOME FOR UNTRADITIONAL JEWISH IDENTITIES by recognizing that Jewish identity is not confined to the old denominations of Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform. We provide a comfortable home for those who identify as: Culturally Jewish, Just Jewish, Jew-ish, Jewish and . . . , Half-Jewish, Jews by Choice, Multicultural, Not Religious, Secular, Humanistic, Atheist, and Agnostic.

  • WE CELEBRATE THE JEWISH PLURALISM OF INDIVIDUAL CHOICE, recognizing that there is no one right way to “Do Jewish.” For example,  some of our members choose not to fast on Yom Kippur, some choose to fast out of tradition, and others choose to fast as an expression of solidarity with the hungry.

  • WE INVITE ALL MEMBERS TO PARTICIPATE IN GOVERNANCE by allowing any member to be on the Steering Committee without a nominating committee or elections. 



Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784