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Taste of Kol Hadash: Jewish Holidays

Our Sunday School at Deerfield High School
Sunday, November 20
10:00-10:30 setup
10:30-11:00 Family Education: A World of Jewish Food
11:00-11:30 Taste of Kol Hadash: Jewish Holidays

ALL Kol Hadash members are invited to bring a memorable family recipe -- from any generation and from ANY culture -- to share with everyone. You will share the history of this beloved recipe while adults and children enjoy a small portion of your dish. A delicious way to learn about each other’s traditions! Recipes will be distributed so others can have a chance to make it, too.

Thank YOU for being a part of one of our most-anticipated annual events:  Taste of Kol Hadash.

-Your recipe should provide 90 bite-size portions (a 9x13 dish is sufficient).  Recipes need not be Jewish or heirloom -- just a family favorite!  And, you can definitely make the same dish as past years (everyone looks forward to it!).

-There will be about 15 tables in total, so just a sample from each recipe will do.  As students and adults taste your dish, you will briefly explain its origin and significance to your family (again, it can just be a most-requested family favorite holiday dish!).

-Recipes need to be nut-free due to allergies.

-We will portion out recipes during the event setup at 10:00-10:30am.  Please bring a knife, serving spoon, etc as needed for your dish -- we'll have food-handling gloves.  We will provide 3 oz little cups (bathroom cups) for these bite-size portions and attendees will get a plastic spoon.  

-We will only be at tables in the cafeteria and will not have access to a kitchen (either during setup or the event).  If your dish needs to stay warm, please bring a crockpot and extension cord.

-Recipes will be distributed at the event. Please email your recipe to Ilana Shaffer at
Sat, December 3 2022 9 Kislev 5783